Lishui Helps Enterprise Attendants Break Difficulties, Solve Difficulties, and Promote Development

2023-06-28 09:25
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Thank you very much for the thoughtful service provided by the service staff who helped us solve difficult problems. Recently, Liu Shaowei, the person in charge of Zhejiang Aolida Air Conditioning Parts Co., Ltd., excitedly said that the company's annual production line project of 6 million air conditioning electromagnetic clutch coil shells is progressing smoothly.


Aolida Company is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of automotive air conditioning compressor ring components, and has frequently received cooperation "olive branches" from domestic and foreign customers. However, the existing factory buildings of the enterprise are unable to meet higher production demands. Under the initiative of Zhou Yongjia, the assistant to the enterprise, we helped the enterprise coordinate 12.6 acres of industrial land, providing sufficient space for investment and construction.

In order to accurately empower and optimize the business environment and enhance the "No.1 Reform Project", the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee has formulated and issued policies such as "Several Measures for the Whole City's Organizational System to Fully Serve and Ensure" Double Recruitment and Double Introduction "and" Several Measures for the Whole City's Organizational System to Serve and Ensure Economic Stability and Quality Improvement ". Together with the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and other units, they have focused on the three main themes of" solving difficulties for enterprises, helping enterprises improve quality and efficiency, and reducing burden on enterprises ", Taking "establishing systems, providing excellent services, and strengthening the team" as the starting point, we will promote the implementation of a series of special actions such as "Hello to Small and Micro Enterprises" at the provincial level, with a focus on creating the Lishui characteristic enterprise service brand of "Liyi Tui, Code Shang Ban", and comprehensively promote the deepening and implementation of the "Ten Thousand Cadres Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" activity.

Last year, Lishui took the lead in deepening the mechanism of assisting enterprise servers in the province, establishing a "one-on-one" full coverage of enterprise server teams for industrial enterprises at the city and county levels, and introducing relevant work standards. Since the beginning of this year, the scope of enterprise assistance services has been comprehensively expanded, including newly recruited large projects worth over 100 million yuan, monthly new upgrades, and key small upgrade cultivation enterprises into the "one-on-one" pairing service scope of enterprise assistance servers.


In optimizing the team of enterprise assistance servers, timely adjust the pairing of enterprise assistance servers based on annual assessments and daily work performance, so that young cadres with good professional literacy, strong comprehensive abilities, and high work enthusiasm can take on heavy responsibilities. As of now, the city has selected more than 1600 service personnel to assist enterprises, an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. Since the beginning of this year, it has covered more than 1800 service enterprises and helped solve more than 400 problems.

The financing challenge is a "middle obstacle" for the development of most enterprises. After learning that Zhejiang Kunyijia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was facing a financing dilemma of "real estate certificate separation and integration", Ji Huiling, an assistant to the enterprise, actively utilized the enterprise service comprehensive platform to fully coordinate and communicate with the Natural Resources and Planning Branch of Lishui Economic Development Zone, the Real Estate Registration Center, enterprises, and banks, and ultimately effectively solved the company's "financing difficulty". At present, the real estate collateral method has helped multiple enterprises in the Economic and Technological Development Zone to raise funds, effectively alleviating their financial difficulties.

Next, our city will closely combine the three "No.1 Projects" of service guarantee, make good use of the "Hello Small and Micro Enterprises" special action and other carriers, and continue to promote the "Ten Thousand Cadres Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" activity to deepen and solidly, with more practical measures and better services to help enterprises develop with high quality.