List of the first batch of specialized, refined, new small medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang 2023

2023-05-06 16:10
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In order to deeply implement the decision and deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to cultivate specialization, refinement, and innovation, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Interim Measures for the Management of Gradient Cultivation of High quality Small and Medium sized Enterprises" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Enterprise [2022] No. 63) and the "Notice of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology on Issuing the Implementation Rules for Gradient Cultivation Management of High quality Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province (Provisional)" (Zhejiang Economic and Information Enterprise [2022] No. 197), The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology has organized the identification of the first batch of provincial specialized, refined, and new small and medium-sized enterprises in 2023, and has completed relevant audits. Entrusted by the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province, the list of approved enterprises in our city is now publicly available (see attachment).

We welcome all sectors of society to participate in the supervision. If you have any objections, please provide feedback in your real name and provide supporting materials and contact information for verification and verification. Any objections that are anonymous, impersonated, or beyond the public notice period will not be accepted.

Publicity period: May 4th to May 9th, 2023

Contact phone numbers: 0578 2095061, 0571 85159971, 0571 87059133

Lishui Economic and Information Bureau

May 4, 2023

Serial NumberPrefecture cityCountyEnterprise Name
1Lishui CityJinyun CountyZhejiang Junhong Machinery Co., Ltd
2Lishui CityJinyun CountyZhejiang Dingli Industrial Co., Ltd
3Lishui CityJinyun CountyZhejiang Qunying Automobile Industry Co., Ltd
4Lishui CityJinyun CountyJinyun County Zhongzheng Energy saving Building Materials Co., Ltd
5Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Demei Doctor Da Polymer Materials Co., Ltd
6Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneVictor Power Equipment Co., Ltd
7Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Wanzhao Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
8Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneHuabo Pipe Industry Co., Ltd
9Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Skote Technology Co., Ltd
10Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Olin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd
11Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Huayi Electric Co., Ltd
12Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneLishui Hengyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd
13Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneLishui Qiangrun Electronics Co., Ltd
14Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Kailun Special Materials Co., Ltd
15Lishui CityEconomic Development ZoneZhejiang Yongji Electric Co., Ltd
16Lishui CityJingning CountyZhejiang Weikang Oujiang Capsules Co., Ltd
17Lishui CityJingning CountyZhejiang Huaqi Zhengbang Automation Technology Co., Ltd
18Lishui CityLiandu DistrictValve Biwei Valve Co., Ltd
19Lishui CityLiandu DistrictZhejiang Qianlin Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd
20Lishui CityLongquan marketZhejiang Lifeng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd
21Lishui CityLongquan marketZhejiang Aolida Auto Air -Components Co., Ltd.‍
22Lishui CityLongquan marketZhejiang Shuolang Electromechanical Parts Co., Ltd
23Lishui CityLongquan marketZhejiang Jinchuang Refrigeration System Co., Ltd
24Lishui CityQingtian CountyZhejiang Haoxiang Mining Co., Ltd
25Lishui CityQingtian CountyZhejiang Ruixing Valve Co., Ltd
26Lishui CityQingtian CountyGreen Water Co., Ltd
27Lishui CityQingtian CountyZhejiang Keneng Valve Co., Ltd
28Lishui CityQingtian CountyShendian Energy Co., Ltd
29Lishui CityQingtian CountyZhejiang Kebai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
30Lishui Cityqingyuan CountyZhejiang Hongxing Stationery Co., Ltd
31Lishui Cityqingyuan CountyZhejiang Sanjian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd
32Lishui Cityqingyuan CountyZhejiang Best Softening Board Co., Ltd
33Lishui CityMunicipal levelZhejiang Dianchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd
34Lishui CitySuichang CountyZhejiang Haofeng Building Materials Co., Ltd
35Lishui CitySuichang CountyLishui Xingchang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd
36Lishui CitySuichang CountyZhejiang Suichang Thermalright Co., Ltd
37Lishui CityYunhe CountyYunhe County Qimeile Toys Co., Ltd
38Lishui CityYunhe CountyZhejiang Longcheng Forgings Co., Ltd
39Lishui CityYunhe CountyZhejiang Jin'ertai Toys Co., Ltd