Core concept
1. Company mission: continuous stability and advanced technology 2. Corporate vision: to become a respected supplier of automobile air conditioning parts 3. The company's belief: being virtuous, sharing, realistic and innovative 4. Business purpose: people-oriented, efficiency first, mutual benefit and win-win
Development guidelines
1. Guided by ideas, set high standards for work 2. Take demand as the core, improve and optimize the marketing mode 3. Take profits as the basis, improve the performance appraisal mechanism 4. Establish responsibility evaluation system based on management 5. Optimize resource allocation structure based on efficiency
Talent strategy
1. Talents are the core resources of enterprises 2. Good people make good enterprises 3. Great wisdom, inclusiveness and responsibility 4. Training, incentive, competition and elimination 5. Respect, care, understanding and trust 6. Enterprises guarantee employees, employees guarantee enterprises